For me, mixing and matching words is a puzzle through which I derive infinite joy. I am an editor/writer/creative problem-solver who seamlessly distills and synthesizes complex data into simplified yet structured narratives.

Writing is my dream job. I tinker with words to create and build upon ideas. I make every word count. Each used space, text, and punctuation has an intent, a desire — a purpose.

Writing. I use words and thoughts to express, persuade, and inform.

Editing. I safeguard campaigns and brand voices.

Creative. I use words, images, and objectives to create and collaborate.

Industry expertise: Healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer health products, public policy, SaaS tech, academic publishing, retail, and consumer


London School of Economics, Masters of Science in International Health Policy

Georgia State University, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Georgia State University, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Learning never ends.

I value….


Collaborative spaces are vital for building together. Maintaining a learning mindset and openness to ideas, approaches, styles, and feedback allows me to succeed and refine capabilities.

Objective-focused empathetic leadership

Words have power. They can nurture, create, and spur action — or they can destroy and disrupt. When overseeing concepts, content, and creators, I use a human-focused focused approach to achieve results, scale capabilities, and nurture talent.


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